the STAPLE R Story
Wanna know how we transformed from these guys
into these?
Then turn on the music and plunge in our history
Home gatherings and covers
Andrew learnt to play the guitar, and Zakhar first picked up drum sticks.

Friendly gatherings started to turn into endless rehearsals, where covers of System Of A Down, The Cranberries, Roxette and The Beatles plays.
Expansion of the band and the first concert
A vocalist, lead guitarist and bassist joined the group.

We immersed in art, recorded our own songs and played the first concert in MOD club.
Band team change, Girugamesh opening and EP recording
In 2015 we changed the vocalist. Since that time Emma has been with us. We recorded the “Tamagotchi” single and released the first video clip.

In 2016 we rocked to support the Japanese band Girugamesh on their last tour, and soon after that came the release of our first EP “Whatever”.
2017— 2018
Focusing on creativity
We parted with the lead guitarist, bassist and keyboardist and dive deep into song writing.

Since 2018 we began recording a new album, which is destined to become two full-fledged works.
Recording and release of the new album
In 2020 it became finally clear that the album must be released.
We shot several clips for new tracks.

2021. We did it! Long-awaited album release “FOREVER SIXTEEN”.
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